UnitedGunner TV
UnitedGunner TV 19 timer siden
Kroenke out 🤬
UnitedGunner TV
UnitedGunner TV 19 timer siden
Don’t buy the new kit 😡
Woohooo 19 timer siden
Don’t turn your nose up to European football you idiots. No matter how terrible this third division is.
Samuel Gray
Samuel Gray 19 timer siden
Even if the Kroenkes sell, wouldn’t they still dictate a lot of what we do because they took over our stadiums debt? (Technically sell the club & still require us to pay off the stadium debt)
Neon colour marker • 8 years ago
Neon colour marker • 8 years ago 19 timer siden
There are few customers outside my shop forcing me to sell my shop to a guy that they’re recommending. What should I do about the shop that I own rightfully??
Samuel Gray
Samuel Gray 19 timer siden
Would you forgive Kroenke if they spent 100 plus mil for Harry Kane out of their own pockets & solidify our starting 11 this summer?
Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones 20 timer siden
Been a while since a Aftv vid
kiDavid 20 timer siden
Ahad Samad
Ahad Samad 20 timer siden
short answer: NO
teresa michelle
teresa michelle 20 timer siden
robbie has sold moh out just like he did with claude very disapointing....
derek eccles
derek eccles 20 timer siden
Kroenke and his wife are valued at 17.1 BILLION DOLLARS he also just opened the world's most expensive stadium at 5.5 BILLION and some are surprised they don't want to sell for slightly above club valuation
Hassan M
Hassan M 20 timer siden
Dre Omar
Dre Omar 20 timer siden
James: There are rumors that the kroenkes are looking to seriously spend this summer Me: I've heard it all before like Sunshine Anderson
david pearce
david pearce 20 timer siden
What a great lot of bollics from you Fan's. First saying the Billianairs are the ruenation Of your club's only to open your arms to the Nexst, who the hell knows if the new lot Will prove any better.All thee's guys are just Business men looking for a profitable venture . Sure you'll hear a lot of flannel offering fan Board membership ect but from what I see There's so many ridiculous contradictions Going on it would turn into a bloody mad house.
John Porcella
John Porcella 20 timer siden
If we are good enough to make the semi-final of the Europe League, then we should be winning the Conference League and be the first to do so, a historic achievement.
Football expresso
Football expresso 20 timer siden
£2.5 billion could do a takeover talks between Kroenke and Ek according to the guardian.
C'O Tully
C'O Tully 20 timer siden
Ek is stringing you lot on for his own gain
Ion Nicoara
Ion Nicoara 20 timer siden
this is not AFTV, cmon, I came here for banter fc
Bob Daikon
Bob Daikon 20 timer siden
lewis seems so cold blooded.
Gary Killington
Gary Killington 20 timer siden
Arsenal is like a big fat tuma once found to late to cure it ya time is up
Benjamin Wolf
Benjamin Wolf 20 timer siden
I'm still waiting for the Arteta "BANG" he promised us.
Jason Morales-Fuentes
Jason Morales-Fuentes 20 timer siden
If you want your owners out you need to hit them in the pockets
Michael A
Michael A 20 timer siden
It was a publicity stunt..He couldn't afford Woolwich FC anyway.
Nati Brandnew
Nati Brandnew 20 timer siden
1. I won't buy a new kit- buying a new kit for me shows that the fight to get the Kroenke's out is not real. 2. Not buying a new kit may/may not hit the Kroenke's but it will show fans solidarity- No fans should buy 3. Not buying season ticket is a must How serious i am about this 1. If Robbie do a video of the new kit like every year I'm sorry but i will be the first one to unsubscribe to AFTV or Don Robbie channel. I like AFTV but that will be my breaking point
Blackdog 666
Blackdog 666 20 timer siden
Just play the youth team in it and use it to get injured players match fit
walid Farid
walid Farid 20 timer siden
Robbie why are you being a coward and are avoiding the Moh situation?
ARSENAL FOREVER 20 timer siden
James Redmond
James Redmond 20 timer siden
Kroenke is there for the long term, and Arteta is there for another year at least. The Kroenkes will never invest what is needed, because they are not ambitious enough for that.
Ismael Adil
Ismael Adil 20 timer siden
What's the situation with moh????
SlackbackH2k03 20 timer siden
11:00 James with an amazing analogy
Faisal Chaudhary
Faisal Chaudhary 20 timer siden
Big up my guy white Yardie.
Hopeful 20 timer siden
My gosh Stan is not your daddy if he spends big this summer and you get some players stop being bitter jheeez!
Siddhant LCFC FA CUP WINNERS 20 timer siden
We want Moh back 🇵🇸
kex oneill
kex oneill 20 timer siden
Eze might buy spurs
Matthew Richardson
Matthew Richardson 20 timer siden
"wenger out" - idiot in hat
CLIPPED 20 timer siden
Everyone was saying Kroenke out then praising the New adidas x arsenal kit drops including AFTV..... So i mean really is it worth promoting the devil for retweets you definitely could live without
M S 20 timer siden
Is it me or did they think TY was late 20's?
How That Work HTW
How That Work HTW 20 timer siden
Werner isn't good worst German player he's not good enough
Mohammed Shahin
Mohammed Shahin 20 timer siden
Kronkes only listen £2.5 billion to £3 billion.
snaggiz 20 timer siden
This man is a crossover between DT and Troopz
Mathieu Riesling
Mathieu Riesling 20 timer siden
Turkish drinking a Bigga 😂 where my West Indians at?
Subotai 20 timer siden
This bloke from Essex sounds like he is from Brixton.
Richard Cahill
Richard Cahill 21 time siden
Bold move from DT to do this entire show with a dodgy comedy accent.
bob field
bob field 21 time siden
The traitors who denied usmanov ownership have dealt a fatal blow to arsenal football club. However, I'm a bit sceptical about ek. He's worth $4b and I'm not sure that's enough to make us competitive against city and Chelsea. Be careful what you wish for. We need a super rich billionaire to come in to avoid a repeat of what's going on now
ŁawĽess Šnipėr
ŁawĽess Šnipėr 21 time siden
Bro in the glasses is the most objective and sensible person in this discussion, less emotions more sensible thinking
KOD AK 21 time siden
I like james shtill!! Always talks sense
Notorious Pseudogod
Notorious Pseudogod 21 time siden
Cool gear from the 90s lol
Skull Thuggery
Skull Thuggery 21 time siden
Alina Olga Mazneva
Alina Olga Mazneva 21 time siden
Is TY on the brown?????
TheDavydan 21 time siden
Simple answer, No
Veron Thomas
Veron Thomas 21 time siden
We need to make our voices heard on last game. We need them out with that straight jacket Manager.
Agüero 21 time siden
Y’all pulled a Houdini on Moh
OtriadBielsky 21 time siden
From a swiss fan; why did you stop the protest? And why cry if you buy the new merch every goddamn year?
Casa nova
Casa nova 21 time siden
Arsenal fans being MUGGED off again by Krankys and the jokers on the board Dan has a plan.
GustavIIAdolf 21 time siden
Robbie should be in the Golden 🪑
Jordan Harrison
Jordan Harrison 21 time siden
This is fantastic news.
MAX POWERS 21 time siden
2 RANDOM FACTS: Arsenal ended a 9 - year trophy drought 7 years ago today. Arsenal lost The Champions League final 15 years ago today.
Pari Makasari
Pari Makasari 21 time siden
U are joking with ”not because they care about Arsenal, everyn cares ofcourse. U know it. Everyn knows it.
PF Chim
PF Chim 21 time siden
A guy worth just over 3 billion dollars trying to buy a club valued at 80% of his net worth. This whole bid was a sham and doomed to fail from the start. It wasn't serious.
Pam Madaher
Pam Madaher 21 time siden
rip you legend
Rohan Raut
Rohan Raut 21 time siden
Robbie pls make petition available for fans from all over the world. Big up AFTV from India
Renne Kelly
Renne Kelly 21 time siden
James why did you block me on twitter for saying arteta is bad? I'm just speaking facts
Mark Peoples
Mark Peoples 21 time siden
Arsenal to be in the modern day Intertoto Cup 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tremaine Brown
Tremaine Brown 21 time siden
Why on earth would Kroenke's sell? It's double their investment and will increase even more once they roll out an agreeable super league format.
Tommy Carter
Tommy Carter 21 time siden
Why does he speak like that?
Melvin Antony
Melvin Antony 21 time siden
I think everyone should join me in getting a family premium sponsorship to help fund the takeover. Come on people!
Neil Barros Pereira
Neil Barros Pereira 21 time siden
We the fans have to push and make this leech leave
Selvin Paul
Selvin Paul 21 time siden
Why you guys laughing when arsenal had that same issue when we was in 4 completion in February and one after one we got dump out of each competition even loosing the epl that year
Lee Fensome
Lee Fensome 21 time siden
Smoke and mirrors as far as kronke is concerned
Pete Kadenz
Pete Kadenz 21 time siden
Perhaps when Arsenal are relegated.
Luke Kovacs AFC
Luke Kovacs AFC 21 time siden
No hate what so ever but can we just drop cecil and do James and Turkish? He's a tad immature
brandon felix
brandon felix 21 time siden
Then don't watch
george wi
george wi 21 time siden
If the Kroenkes are going to stay, I hope we do not Qualify for europe. I want it to hurt them the way it hurts us. For those in the UK, pleeeeease make that last home game count. Protest your hearts out and do it for those of us who cannot be there.
theglove 21 time siden
Come on, put some respect on champions of Lithuania :)
Arjun 21 time siden
I knew this wasn't going to happen. KSE wont balk at a bid like 1.8 billion. If they are going to sell this golden goose, it would have to be a ridiculous offer. And honestly short of systemic change at the legislative level to equalize the playing field by getting this private investment out of the sport, we are stuck with KSE. Welcome to the free market boys.
Hittindis Fitness
Hittindis Fitness 21 time siden
Agreed. I think it will take BARE MINIMUM £3,000,0000,000
camron di rossi
camron di rossi 21 time siden
Peter Ring
Peter Ring 21 time siden
As an American kroenke should be nowhere near English sports let alone the premier league and the arsenal stay away kroenke you are not welcome just look at the protests and the lack of support from your family to the club please sell we all want you to and ek keep trying the right time will come
Mikey T
Mikey T 21 time siden
James, we have heard it all before. They could have spent more in the last 10 years but they haven't
Skidmark Comedy
Skidmark Comedy 21 time siden
Yeah like Turkish said, I don't care who Stan gets or how much he spends, its too late! To them we are just dogs and they keep feeding us bones, when what we need is ribeye steak and a lot of it!
wasupm 21 time siden
Am I the only one thinking Daniel Ek isn’t serious and is just doing this for publicity... 👀🗑